Hunting & Gathering is a collection of ideas and inspiration.

From the earliest days, we’ve searched for ways to make our lives easier, and better. That’s what you’ll find curated here.

My name is Keely Childers Heany. I’m an editor and writer, the wife of a funny tech dude, and mom of an entertaining three-ager. I love to create.

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My toddler daughter asked me one night, “What makes your heart happy?” And I replied with the first thought that came to mind, “It makes my heart happy to create healthy, yummy meals for you and daddy; and when I see you eating them and enjoying them, that makes me even more happy.”

Sharing ideas to help make others’ lives easier and more fulfilled also makes my heart happy.

Like many of my mommy friends, I juggle getting healthy dinners on the table with work and parenting. And after lots of requests for recipes, I wanted a place to compile them, along with helpful tips so that anyone can create these (mostly healthy) meals.

I’ll also be sharing other things I love too – decor and design ideas, crafts, ideas for kids, and other musings from time to time. Come back often. If you like what you see, subscribe.

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  1. Jodie sanders says:

    Love this!!! Can’t wait to try some of these recipes on the family!


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