Trending: Citrus Beers

Citrus beers are all the rage right now – with at least one on tap at many craft beer bars.

Perfect for spring time, after drinking the dark and heavys all winter, citrus infused IPAs are appealing to both hop heads and fruity beer fans (aka men and women, generally speaking). They’re like cracking open a bottle of sunshine.

Here are a couple we’re crushing on at The Heany House:

Victory’s Agave IPA with grapefruit – part of their new blackboard series of new adventurous beers – is crisp with a citric bite, balanced by agave sweetness. Citra, Centennial, Simcoe and Castcade hops add to the flavor in this 7.0% ABV. Only one batch of this limited availability beer was brewed so hurry and grab some before it’s gone at the end of this month!

New Belgium Citradelic: Tangerine infused orange peel gives this medium bodied beer its slight sweetness coupled with a pineapple aroma balanced by bitter hops such as Mandarina. This 6.0% ABV has an IBU of 50.

IBU (or International Bitterness Unit) measures the bitterness of a beer. Beers with IBUs greater than 45 are heavily hopped and can be quite bitter, if you like those sort of beers (and we do in our house). Beers with IBUs from 20 to 45 are the most common and have mild to pronounced hops presence.

What’s your favorite citrus beer right now?

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