It Takes a Village (And a Humble Sense of Humor)

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Sometimes we just have to laugh at ourselves (and our #parentfails).

I read somewhere in the sea of content constantly filling my face that people who are always late are really optimists (because we positively think we can squeeze more into the time we have).

So there I was driving my toddler to meet up for a kid-swap with a friend, phoning the library on the way because I had forgotten to register them in advance (even though we go pretty much every Wednesday). And recently, we’ve been getting in trouble for running at the library, so I’m already walking the walk of shame for the kids who won’t sit still and well, walk…and yesterday, we got accused of vandalism to top it all off. Thank goodness for the grandma who spoke up and freed our little “witnessed” fugitives from the case of the missing keyboard space bar. (It was missing before they got there she affirmed, whew.) Crisis averted, and I was able to help out a friend with childcare so she could get to an important work event –and it didn’t result in a misdemeanor.

Fast forward to this morning, I thought I had time to take a shower (moms, you know what I’m talking about, the coveted shower!) 20 minutes before we leave to walk to preschool. I made it extra hot and steamy too on this cold rainy morning (because I actually got to take a shower – gasp – by myself). As I was getting out, my daughter opened the door which released the steam that set off the smoke alarm. That was followed by the dog going crazy…like someone was breaking into the house crazy. So I asked Hazel to go see what he was barking at while I grabbed my towel and the broom from the kitchen to reach up and stop the alarm. Meanwhile, Hazel yells, “Ronan’s here!”

#Momfail #friendfail #babybrain call it what you want, I had forgotten my friend was dropping her son (actually just had thought it was tomorrow) so there I was, answering the door, naked…wrapped in my towel…laughing. What else can you do but laugh at yourself sometimes?

We made it to preschool on time, singing in the rain as we splashed in puddles. And it felt to good to return the favor to another friend who has done the same (and more) for me.

And then I got to talk to some amazing moms (and soon to be new friends) who are signing up for our summer camps…it was the best part of my day hearing from mamas who hunting for the same kinds of growing experiences for their sprouts and excited about what I’m planning to share my passions with others.

I didn’t expect this much interest in what I’m offering, but I guess it’s true what a wise mentor just told me last week…when you’re pursuing passion with earnest energy, it grows organically.

Some of the families who are joining us don’t have family nearby, neither do we, it’s hard. After the fruits of our summer labor, we are looking forward to flying to the west coast to visit our new nephew being born, my sister and mom.

It really does take a village, whether family or friends. As for me, I get by with a little help from my friends. (And hope the feeling is mutual.)

So if you have some girlfriends helping you get by, show them some love soon, if even just a quick note of thanks. Or if you don’t, be the first to offer, it will come back to you, and then some. Be good to each other mamas.

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