Sometimes you’re eating fancy fiddleheads & sometimes it’s Ramen


Life is full of ups and downs. One day you’re at the beach dining out on garlic scape gnocchi with fiddlehead ferns, ramps, pickled mustard seeds and ricotta (adoration for Off the Hook in Bethany Beach and a memorable meal I know is going to inspire something on the menu at #TheHeanyHouseKitchen). The next night it’s Ramen. Isn’t that just the way it goes?

Even foodies have their downfalls. And when you return from the beach to no groceries – and it’s cold and rainy out – nothing satisfies like a childhood comfort food, no matter how bad it really is.

Then Monday rolls in, you don’t live at the beach, and you have to deal with people and their bullshit. And you’re already in a bad mood because you don’t get to just live at the beach forever, and it’s Monday. And it’s going to rain all week in Lancaster.  Well…at least it’s one day closer to Friday and hopefully another decadent meal.

In the meantime, it’s survival of the fittest (freezer). I’ve come up with some pretty solid  stuff from the stash (even chorizo and quinoa tacos are on the menu for Cinco de Mayo this week)! And thank God for my Costco addiction and pantry packed for the zombie apocalypse the rest of the week.

Here’s to Friday (even if there’s a makeup ballet class for my toddler at 5:15 from all the damn snow days infringing on my at-home happy hour)!

Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend (and I’ve got some great ideas to share later this week, no really, I do!).  Here’s just one bit of wisdom I gleaned chatting with a colleague today – lower your expectations now.

Yours truly,

Debbie Downer (who-doesn’t-live-at-the-beach-but-instead-rainy-manure-smelling-Lancaster*)

*Which then produces awesome farm fresh food!


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