3 Camps Left! Look at All the Fun We’re Having!


Just look at all the fun we had at the first Hunting & Gathering Summer Camp!
And I may be biased, but these are some of the cutest kids around too!

Our first camp in May was centered around understanding the world is a bigger place than little ol’ Lancaster (this is a theme throughout all of the summer camps). We did interactive play with a global map and talked about where our families came from and since some of my family is from Italy, Calabria to be exact, we read Strega Nona who has a magic pasta pot, which was perfect before our pasta primavera lunch where our campers were invited to try all types of spring veggies! We also read The Little Mouse, the Big Hungry Bear, and the Red Ripe Stawberry as we talked about some of the fruits and veggies growing in Lancaster and had fruit and yogurt parfaits for snack. Broccoli painting was a huge hit as were all the camping and food-themed toys — and of course, bubbles!

There are still 3 camps left with a few spots left in each, hurry and let us know if you’d like to join in the fun! Details below…

A bit more about the camps: Hunting & Gathering Summer Camp offers creative enrichment & exploration through cooking, crafting, stories, song & play for kids age 3-7. Regionally based cuisine will inspire curiosity about the world, languages & culture—as well as what’s in season locally in Lancaster. Children will bring home recipes for their families to try too.

Illustrations by Teagan White


Dates & Time:

Cooking camps run 9 am – 12 pm (includes a healthy snack & lunch made together)

June 28 & 30 (Tues & Thurs)

Theme: Far Out Far East

A taste of what to expect from this session:  Veggies in season locally inspires an Asian rainbow Be Bim Bop Bowl for lunch. We’ll also explore other exotic eastern flavors as well as stories and art/crafts.


July 18 & 20 (Mon & Wed)

Theme: South of the Border

A taste of what to expect from this session: Lancaster County corn stars in a Tex Mex lunch, counting & colors in Spanish, corn cob mosaic craft, exploring Latin culture and tons of fiesta-style fun!

Aug 15 & 17 (Mon & Wed)

Theme: Bonjour Summer

A taste of what to expect from this session: Travel to France with our food, craft & learning by picking eggplants and other harvest veggies from the garden, making ratatouille, counting & singing in French.


Sample Schedule:

9:00 – Welcome/free play (mini market, tea parties, cooking inspired toys and games)

9:30 – Intro to theme (ie French week: geography, intro to language/sing French counting song together, topically-related story)

10:00 – Free play (bubbles, sidewalk chalk, outdoor fun)

10:15 – Bathroom break/wash hands/healthy snack of local fresh fruit

10:30 – Craft (themed with week’s lesson such as  felted harvest veggies, later picking eggplant from the garden for lunch)

10:50 – Bathroom break/wash hands

11:00 – Make & eat lunch together (for French themed week, Ratatouille made with fresh-picked garden eggplant, for example)

12:00 – Pick up


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 5.53.29 AM

Suggested donation: $68 per session (includes 2 days camp).

Very limited availability. For more information & to register: email keelychildersheany@gmail.com, call or text 717-799-5621.

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